Women are Not Small Men… Why Male and Female Physiology Differences Influence Athletic Performance

  We watched a fair amount of the  Winter Olympics at our house in 2018 and it was quite obvious to see that the male competitors often had more strength, speed, and generally easily outperformed their female counterparts in each sport. These facts are not contested and are well known; world records ranging from the … Continue reading Women are Not Small Men… Why Male and Female Physiology Differences Influence Athletic Performance

Women and Weight Loss… 5 Common Mistakes

Have you been trying to lose weight but not having much success? If so, you’re not alone, as approximately 50 million Americans try to lose weight every year and just 5 percent report keeping the weight off, according to the Colorado State University Extension. A lot of women attempt to lose weight while unknowingly making … Continue reading Women and Weight Loss… 5 Common Mistakes

Women Lifting Heavy

A couple of decades ago, women were warned not to lift too heavy of weights lest they bulk up to hulk-like proportions. They were told to “do cardio, lots of cardio; cardio is your best friend”. Nowadays, however; more and more women are realizing that just doing lots of cardio doesn't do nearly as much … Continue reading Women Lifting Heavy

Workout Smarter, Not Longer

  People are great at making resolutions around getting in shape every new year. Then by the end of January or maybe even mid February, a lot will typically throw in the towel and start to abandon new year’s resolutions related to health and fitness, telling themselves that it’s just too much work and/or they … Continue reading Workout Smarter, Not Longer

Workouts and Your Cycle

I always thought that a woman would naturally be at her “worst performance” athletically speaking, during the days of menstruation. After all, these are the days where women will typically feel fatigued, in pain and generally worse for wear out of any other days in the cycle. I was so surprised to learn that in … Continue reading Workouts and Your Cycle