Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Health

When someone is eating a low fat diet, often times that means that they are eating a high carbohydrate diet, because the calories that would have come from fat sources are now replaced by carbohydrates due to the fact that a lot of proteins come with fat included (like meat and dairy items). This high … Continue reading Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Health

Got Friends? The Connection Between Social Support and Health

  It can be easy to think of health, fitness and well-being as being directly impacted by our diet and lifestyle choices and not much else. Some might go further to include stress-relieving activities such as meditation, yoga, or spending time in nature when thinking about what directly affects their overall health and well-being.  Funnily … Continue reading Got Friends? The Connection Between Social Support and Health

Digestion and Mental Health

Having good digestion is the key to righting and/ or preventing so many issues that can crop up in the body. It is the center of everything that goes on because it is where nutrients are assimilated into the body for use. Without digestion working as it ought to, several body systems, including the neurological … Continue reading Digestion and Mental Health

Benefits of a Three Day Fast

As I am writing this post, I am on day three of a 3 day fast. I have never attempted a fast this long before and it has taught me a lot, so I thought I would share my experience in case anyone is interested. I usually intermittent fast most days, meaning that I skip … Continue reading Benefits of a Three Day Fast

Backyard Remedies

    One of the things that I have loved the most about living on land out here in the country is the availability of resources for healing I can find just by simply stepping off the back porch. After researching about some of the plants and trees I was seeing a lot of on … Continue reading Backyard Remedies

Stress and Digestion: Could The Way You Eat Be Adding to Your Stress?

In our modern times and fast-paced lifestyles, most of us feel “stressed” at least some, if not a majority of the time. If you take a minute to think about all the things in your life that can promote stress you might come up with things like: tension in relationships, deadlines at work, family obligations/ … Continue reading Stress and Digestion: Could The Way You Eat Be Adding to Your Stress?

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

There are certain products that I find myself using every single day that I love and wouldn't want to do without! I thought I would share a bit about each of them and why I use them and find them helpful in supporting a healthful lifestyle. 1.  Nutritional Yeast Okay, okay, I know that some … Continue reading These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Digestion Begins in Your Head

When the word digestion is mentioned, most people begin to imagine their stomaches, or perhaps even the intestines or other organs that make up the GI (gastrointestinal) tract. In thinking about the process that takes the food that we put in our mouths and goes through the length of our torso, supplying nutrients and fuel … Continue reading Digestion Begins in Your Head

Estrogen Dominance and Xenoestrogens

  PMS, painful periods, weight gain, skin issues, breast tenderness and irregular menstrual cycles can all be symptoms of Estrogen dominance, which, as it sounds; is too much estrogen circulating in the female system leading to an upset in the overall hormonal balance. Estrogen dominance is so commonplace now that a lot of women experience … Continue reading Estrogen Dominance and Xenoestrogens