Feedback for Eat Move Rest Heal Program

eat move rest heal

“This program opened up a whole new way to look at food and exercise. It educated us on every aspect. I especially advantaged from the “rest” and mindset portion of the program. I plan on using everything we have learned in my lifestyle moving forward! Working on my relationship with food and old habits with the knowledge I’ve gained is something I look forward to!” -program participant


“The encouragement to “rest” was helpful – I read the first email about social media and put myself on a social media fast for the week days during the program.
I learned about sugars and what is hidden in processed food – VERY helpful
I plan to use both of those and incorporate social media fasts per week.”
– program participant


“The program was a great opportunity to focus on implementing long-term changes/habits. I most enjoyed learning about nutrition and hydration.”  -program participant


“I learned about foods that inflame me, different ways to make sure I eat slower and digest my food correctly! I looked forward to Mondays and Wednesdays when the e-mails went out to learn something new! loved the program!!” -program participant


“I loved how informative it was in every aspect. I learned so much. I also appreciated all the answers to any questions posed. Being able to be open about my issues allowed for me to better understand the entire process. It is also nice to know that others are going through the same thing as me through conversations vs just assuming. It was so interesting learning about how our body works with all aspects we were taught. I also love that if I need a follow up that I can join the group again for free.” -program participant