Client Feedback

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Before seeing Erin, I was having a lot of problems with digestion, my menstrual cycle, sleep cycle, mood swings and other various issues.
Erin was very professional and after following her suggestions I began to see major changes with all of my previous concerns.
Most of my former issues have gone away completely in 2-3 months and others have lessened significantly in their level of severity.
I am more than pleased with Erin’s work as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and would highly recommend her to others.
 – Roxanne


In just a short amount of time working with Erin, I am already seeing amazing results!
I am stressing way less, moving more, lowering my inflammation, clearing up persistent skin issues, and improving my mood (even my family has noticed positive change!).
I am now having tons of energy to do the things I love, my period problems have reduced dramatically (pain and frequency), and I have been experiencing significant fat loss as well.
All my clothes are looser and people have been commenting on the changes in my appearance.
Thank you Erin! You’re the best.
My tummy is almost flat most days! I’m SO happy, I’m more alert, sleeping better, my neighbor says I look less fatigued, my eyes are clearer, my facial complexion is brighter and I have plenty of energy!
I tell people I learned more from you in 3 hours then in past 20 years of seeing specialists and that’s the truth!! I was SO sick but I didn’t realize how bad off I was until I REALLY deteriorated these past two years especially this last year…I truly was dying…I wonder how long it would have been before a serious disease would have set in.
I truly was at a tipping point. I firmly believe that given the vast improvements I’ve made in such a short time! I get up with snap and purpose…and I’m NOT depressed!! God BLESS you.